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About us

As a new force in the 5th & 6th Gen Camaro Aftermarket Parts industry, BCS Auto is committed to providing not only the best products at the best prices...but we are committed to doing so without sacrificing quality customer service! Because we are long-time automotive enthusiasts ourselves, our primary focus IS the customer.

We have 1,600+ brands available from 4 warehouse ditributors and 50+ manufacturer accounts. Not only does this give us competitive pricing, but also incredible shipping times/rates. We stand behind every product that we sell, so there's never any worries when ordering from BCS Auto.

Scroll down for a list of our available brands, as well as info on how to place an order while the website is still being built!


Justin Hilliard

Owner, BCS Auto


IG: @datv6tho

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Brands Available

  • When will the BCS Auto website be live?!

    We expect the website to be online in late May, but we have already had some kinks in the process that pushed us back from an April estimate. You can sign up to be notified of launch in the space above!
  • How is BCS Auto different from any other Camaro Parts Vendors?

    BCS Auto is steadfastly committed to improving the automotive aftermarket industry by providing unequaled customer service and high product quality standards. Obviously, the goal of every business is to make money, but we differ in the fact that all of our profits are reinvested directly into the community by means of new product design and development, as well as better product pricing to save customers money!
  • What kind of products does BCS Auto offer?

    BCS Auto has every kind of product you can imagine needing for your 2010+ Camaro. We have products ranging from General Maintenance Items (Spark Plugs, Filters, Lubricants, etc), Basic Performance Upgrades (Cold Air Intakes, Complete Exhaust Systems, Headers, Brake Rotors & Pads, Wheels/Tires, Aerodynamic Components, etc.), Advanced Performance Upgrades (Complete Nitrous Oxide Kits, Supercharger Kits, Pistons, Cams, Differential Gears, Crankshafts, Intake Manifolds) and more!
  • What kind of projects is BCS Auto currently working on?

    Well, we keep most of our projects somewhat quiet while we're in the development stages....but that's just because we don't want to get anyone's hope up in case a project doesn't come to fruition. We can tell you that we are prototyping an aluminum drag spoiler and a Lexan autocross-style spoiler as we speak, new cams for the LFX engine, a two-step launch control modulve for the LLT, LFX & LGX Engine, an electric water pump conversion kit for the LFX Engine, and actively trying to mount a Tremec TR6060 behind the LLT/LFX Engine. These don't even account for half of the projects that we're working on, but it's a start!
  • Tell me more about how BCS Auto got started in this industry!

    Justin Hilliard, the owner of BCS Auto, has been involved in the automotive world since he was around 13 years old. It all started with his Dad's 4th Gen Camaro that was being parted out after an accident. Over the years, his father had a number of complete restoration projects to work on, and he was always playing "assistant" to these projects. In his later teens, Justin began more advanced modifications/customizations with various vehicles, most of them in the Nissan V6 scene (3rd Gen Maximas, mostly).

    Later, Justin joined the U.S. Army as an M1 Abrams Tank Mechanic and served a 12 month tour in Iraq in 2004-2005, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. Upon returning to the States, he became a federal employee and got away from building cars for a few years. Flash forward to late 2015 when his daily driver, a 2002 Toyota Corolla, broke down while on a road trip in California. Instead of coordinating a tow and all that mess, he sold the car for scrap to a local mechanic, rented a car and drove home. The next day he went to a Chevrolet dealer in Phoenix, and chose a 2015 Camaro 1LS, and drove away with it. This is where some people will say "should've got a V8!", but Justin actually chose the V6 over the V8 because he wanted to develop some new performance parts for it!

    In mid-2016, Justin decided to start a 5th Gen Camaro Performance Group along with another Camaro5 Forum member. After months of research and trying to help other members, he decided to launch a business as a sort of "fundraiser" for some of the projects that the community was interested in. Now here we are, still working on projects, and steadily growing!

    I just can't believe you read this whole thing!
  • How do I place an order with BCS Auto without a functioning website?!

    Easy! You can reach us on Facebook, by E-mail, or by Phone @ 602-730-6415. Once you contact us, we will build you a custom quote, and e-mail you a PayPal invoice to review. You do NOT need a PayPal account do pay this way, as you can just use your Credit/Debit card just like any other store.
  • Where did BCS Auto get all of these Camaro images on this website?

    The Camaro images on this website were sourced with permission from their respective photographers. Listed in alphabetical order, we have featured photos from the following talented photographers:

    Chris Bonnell of Vengeance Graphix & Auto Design, on Instagram as @vengeancegraphix
    Jimmy Schuck a.k.a. Schuck'd, on Instagram as @schuckwithmebro
    Vlad Shurigin a.k.a. Zuumy, on Instagram as @zuumy

    Be sure to check them out!

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