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Camaro V6/V8 Innovation & Performance Parts

2010 - 2015 Camaro V6 Brake Pads by R1 Concepts

Dimensions:12 x 6 x 6
Weight:8.0 lbs
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Optimum OEp

Advanced cars require advanced brake pads. Though other brake pads may be made to be similar to OEM standards, our R1 Concepts OPTIMUM OEp brake pads are constructed to be better in terms of longevity, performance, and value. Our brake pads have a lower price and superior performance.

Active Performance

Designed for incredibly advanced performance, our R1 Concepts PERFORMANCE Sport brake pads are made for performance street driving, light track, autocross use, and off-roading. If your vehicle is an extreme vehicle, it needs high performance pads. These pads are designed with an advanced performance formulation, which provides smoother and more predictable responses even over high temperatures


Made of ceramic materials that are pressure-adhered within the brake-pad compound, ceramic brake pads are quieter and smoother. For vehicles that stop on a dime - without any unpleasant sounds - CERAMIC brake pads offer the best.


Our R1 Concepts Semi-Metallic Series brake pads are specifically designed for colder climates and provide one of the best entry-level brake pads for most vehicles. Semi-metallic brake pads are comprised primarily of resin and 30 to 65 percent metal, creating a strong, secure amalgam that will stand the test of time.
2010 - 2015 Camaro LFX / LLT 
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